Who IS Mr. Moon?

The new single by The Bed & Breakfast Men is out now!

Mr. Bed, Mr. Breakfast, and, wait – Who is Mr. Moon? Its the question on everyone’s mind. And now night has fallen, the moon is out, and all is finally revealed!

Despite problems seeming to arise at every turn, these fellas do not give up, and have pulled together a brilliant video for their new single, ‘To the Moon (and Back Again)’, which is now available to order, for Mad Chat’s new charity cause CLIC Sargent, who support young people fighting cancer.

There are a limited run of 100 CDs available, costing £5 (which includes UK P&P) sent via PayPal to info@mglmedia.tv . The ‘B Side’ (not actually a B side, just track 2, so don’t try playing it upside-down) is the first B&B hit ‘Dublin Castle’ which is song #0001 on the jukebox at the Dublin Castle herself.

I was lucky enough to be involved in this music video, and will be posting some exclusive BTS (behind the scenes) footage very soon!

– Ryan 🌜


My Name, is…

Not much on, right? The BBMIS has you covered.

Two new videos!!

Happy St. George’s Day! You’ve had your Sunday Roast by now and are relaxing in front of the tele’ with your family and your favourite beverages. Not much on though, right?

Don’t fret, the BBMIS has you covered!

On Friday The Bed & Brerakfast Men uploaded their cover of Madness’ classic tune ‘Michael Caine‘ – They had a lot of fun with this one!

Also, I’ve just uploaded another front row view of the boys performing at The Dublin Castle. This time its their super-catchy original song ‘Dublin Castle’ – live at the Dublin Castle! Taken from the Mad Chatter’s Tea Party last month.

– Ryan 🎩

Sunshine Voice! ☀️🗣

One of the rarest songs Madness ever wrote.

Happy Easter from BBMIS!

Hope you’re all having a fine Easter. Butter yourself a hot cross bun, polish off a chocolate egg or two, and have a glass of wine or three.

But what better way to enjoy your day than with a new video from the Bed & Breakfast Men?!

Possibly the first and one of the rarest songs Madness ever wrote. Only ever released as a rehearsal tape with One Step Beyond and briefly appearing in their film ‘Take It or Leave It’.

Also, a reminder that the Q&A is still underway. Comment your questions under the previous post and maybe the boys will answer it!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of the Bed & Breakfast Men.

– Ryan 🎩

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