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Not much on, right? The BBMIS has you covered.

Two new videos!!

Happy St. George’s Day! You’ve had your Sunday Roast by now and are relaxing in front of the tele’ with your family and your favourite beverages. Not much on though, right?

Don’t fret, the BBMIS has you covered!

On Friday The Bed & Brerakfast Men uploaded their cover of Madness’ classic tune ‘Michael Caine‘ – They had a lot of fun with this one!

Also, I’ve just uploaded another front row view of the boys performing at The Dublin Castle. This time its their super-catchy original song ‘Dublin Castle’ – live at the Dublin Castle! Taken from the Mad Chatter’s Tea Party last month.

– Ryan 🎩


It’s like you’re actually there!!

The first BBMIS Exclusive video!

Hello, and welcome to your first BBMIS Exclusive video!

Here’s my FRONT ROW recording of the Bed & Breakfast Men performing One Better Day at The Dublin Castle for the Mad Chatter’s Tea Party!

It’s only available here, so please share the link to this post rather than directly to the YouTube video!

Click or tap the image to watch. It’ll be like you’re actually there!!


– Ryan 🎩

Sunshine Voice! ☀️🗣

One of the rarest songs Madness ever wrote.

Happy Easter from BBMIS!

Hope you’re all having a fine Easter. Butter yourself a hot cross bun, polish off a chocolate egg or two, and have a glass of wine or three.

But what better way to enjoy your day than with a new video from the Bed & Breakfast Men?!

Possibly the first and one of the rarest songs Madness ever wrote. Only ever released as a rehearsal tape with One Step Beyond and briefly appearing in their film ‘Take It or Leave It’.

Also, a reminder that the Q&A is still underway. Comment your questions under the previous post and maybe the boys will answer it!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of the Bed & Breakfast Men.

– Ryan 🎩

Two Dreamers on a Ghost Train…

Welcome to the Bed & Breakfast Men Information Service.

Welcome to the Bed & Breakfast Men Information Service (BBMIS), the official fan site of the best ukulele based, close harmony, ‘Madness’ tribute duo in the whole world.

Hello! I’m Ryan, and I’ll be the leader of your new Bed & Breakfast Men fan club, the BBMIS. Here you’ll find all the latest information on the duo, including general news, Q&A’s, fan photos, sneak peeks, and occasional updates from the boys themselves.

To kick things off, I’ll be putting together your first BBMIS exclusive Bed & Breakfast Men Q&A, and we’re asking you to submit your questions!

Think up a question, can be anything to do with the boys* and their musical journey. You can ask your question for the two of them, or to Matt or Nick individually.

Post them here in the comments, (easier with a WordPress account to do so, free and easy to create!), and I’ll pick some (not sure how, or how many as of yet, but that’ll all be worked out properly for future editions) and send them to the boys to answer. Matt and Nick will each pick a favourite question to answer, too.

We look forward to reading your questions, have fun and enjoy the new site!

– Ryan 🎩

*within reason, any nice man George-esque questions will be shunned

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