Behind the Moon 🎥 🌒

Photos and videos from behind the camera.

The moon is out, and now the mystery of Mr. Moon is revealed – The star behind the mask is none other than Madness’ flying saxophonist, Mr. Lee Jay “Kix” Thompson! I was on location for filming and got a collection of behind the scenes photos, videos, and a couple of outtakes.

So without further ado, here’s some BTS from our pub scene in the B&B music video of ‘To the Moon (and Back Again)’!

Ye Olde Mitre Inne
‘Ye Olde Mitre Inne’, the Barnet pub we met at to shoot some scenes together, including the big Kix Mr. Moon reveal at the end of the video.
(Left to right) “Chezzer” Chesney, Matt “Mr. Breakfast” Holt, Wayne Kelly, and me Ryan West waiting for our Moon Man to arrive. It was very cold in the garden.
Fashionably late, Thommo checks out his costume…
…Suits up…
…Mask on…
…Blazer pockets…
…He’s ready to go. “Calm down Mr. Moon!”
After shooting a large part of the scene Matt shows Lee the result of his tomfoolery.
Admiring the mask…
Kix and Mr. Breakfast having a laugh.
Slipping into something more comfortable…
The Dream Team.
Thompson admires something familiar.
One last shot for the video.
Me and Chezzer checking out our scenes.
After filming wrapped we ventured up the road to another pub for more drinks and a game of pool.
Thommo sips his drink as he gages how much competition his opponent will bring…
All was looking down for B&B Man Matt, but in a surprise twist at the end of the game he quickly potted ball after ball and won! Had nothing to do with Lee having his back turned (honest!!).
Me and Lee at the end of the night.

I can honestly say that it was one of, if not the most memorable nights of my life. Thanks to Chezzer Chesney, the coolest guy around, for getting Lee involved, and thanks to Matt of the Bed & Breakfast Men for inviting me along.

You can watch the final video, and find out how to order the new single by clicking here.

– Ryan 🎩



The cracks in the pavement talking…

Yes! It’s finally here! The first BBMIS Exclusive cover by the Bed & Breakfast Men!

Cracks in the Pavement by Madness! This song was originally recorded by the nutty boys and only released on a 2005 BBC programme “A Picture of London“, but you may seem to recognise the tune from somewhere else…

That’s because you do, as the song resurfaced again in 2015 for Carl’s (Cathal Smyth) solo album ‘A Comfortable Man‘ as “Love Song No.7” with much different lyrics.

You can watch the original by Madness here:

and the re-release by Carl here:

Enjoy, and if you want more exclusives be sure to show some love in the comments below!

– Ryan 🎩

It’s like you’re actually there!!

The first BBMIS Exclusive video!

Hello, and welcome to your first BBMIS Exclusive video!

Here’s my FRONT ROW recording of the Bed & Breakfast Men performing One Better Day at The Dublin Castle for the Mad Chatter’s Tea Party!

It’s only available here, so please share the link to this post rather than directly to the YouTube video!

Click or tap the image to watch. It’ll be like you’re actually there!!


– Ryan 🎩

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